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I was trained in psychotherapy, hypnosis, past and present life regression, life between life regression, thought field therapy, dream interpretation, guided imagery, and hospice through the Wellness Institute, the Erickson Institute, Seattle University, and Evergreen Hospital. I hold a Masters degree in Counseling and I am a transformation leader in alternative spiritual healing.

I believe all spiritual paths and practices are designed to take us on a unique and personal experience of unity with the divine. Childhood wounds, unresolved grief, compulsions, addictions, anxiety, and depression create roadblocks along our life-path. Hypnotherapy helps us access these blocks and psychotherapy enables us to overcome them.

Powerfully and simply we are able to move closer to our true self. There is nothing more empowering than to tune into our inner-self and make decisions based upon the wisdom of our own heart.

When you are treating the body holistically, you are addressing mind, body, and spirit. Together, these components interact and contribute towards health, happiness, and success.

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