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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

The function of dreams is to express the unconscious. Images and dreams should not be taken literally, but instead, are to be taken as symbols that represent parts of oneself and the dynamics that occur in one's life. Dreams show us in symbolic form the different personalities that interact within us and make-up our total self. Each of these sub- personalities acts as a psychological component with its own distinct center of consciousness. In other words, independent energy systems that have their own values, desires, points of view, strengths, qualities, and beliefs that contribute toward total character development.

Dream Interpretation is divided into a four step approach to fully understand how to self interpret your dreams. Each session is 1 hour and it is helpful to have 1 - 3 sessions so that you have the tools to do the work on your own.

Active Imagination

Active Imagination is a dialogue that one enters into with different parts of themselves that live in the unconscious; fully awake and conscious during the experience.

Different from dreaming go into imagination while awake, fair amount of talking between you and part connect with
Images that appear in the imagination are in fact symbols representing deep interior parts of ourself
Life dream images symbolize contents of our unconscious
Images may be startling, enlightening, new to us, possibly offensive to ego
Carl Jung believes active imagination may be more effective in connecting with unconscious over dreamwork
Reflects inner world of your unconscious as faithfully as a highly polished mirror
Acts as an excellent way to live out parts of oneself that cannot be lived fully in the daily, immediate physical world

The conscious mind is awake and participating in events. Events take place on imagination level that is neither conscious or unconscious, but a meeting place that is common ground where both meet on even terms where each flow into each other in the field of imagination like two rivers that merge to form one powerful stream / synthesis of the two. In passive fantasy / day dreaming, one does not consciously participate.

In the end result, if active imagination is done correctly, it pulls different parts of oneself together that have been fragmented or in conflict; it awakens one to voices within to bring peace and cooperation between the warring ego and the unconscious. This includes attitudes of the ego, values of unconscious.
Examples include worry, mood, depressions, inflations, obsessions, beliefs, values, attitudes

In this four step process of Active Imagination, it is helpful to have between 2 and 3 sessions. The goal is to become proficient at this process so an individual is fully capable of doing this work on their own.

In conclusion, whether you are using Dream Interpretation or Active Imagination, every person lives the inner life in one form or another; consciously or unconsciously; voluntarily or involuntarily. A person's waking up to their total self and allowing conscious personalities to meld with elements that are at unconscious levels, helps propel an individual toward actualizing more fully the mental, emotional, and physical "Blueprint" of their life. The impact of this work automatically and positively impacts their life path. Individuals appear less hindered by society's beliefs, cultural dictates, and family attitudes. They more willingly evolve and grow more fully into their special individual uniqueness.


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