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Garden Journey

The "Garden Sanctuary Meditation" is an opportunity to experience and achieve a direct, transformative connection with the spiritual realm. Dr. Hank Wesselman, PhD, anthropologist and shamanic teacher has written about this particular journey work he has created from his own personal experiential journeys into the spirit realm. Here he has achieved beautiful and powerful connections with his spirit helpers and teachers.

I, too, have been trained in this shamanic work and find it a powerful "gateway" through which to connect with spirit helpers that have supported and protected us since birth. Once an individual successfully and imaginatively creates their garden it may function as a place of sanctuary directly and positively impacting personal empowerment, well-beingness, and individual destiny. There are several steps to creating, maintaining, and altering the "Garden Sanctuary" experience.

I find that 2 - 3 sessions over a 2 week period are more than satisfactory to teach the easy and many positive ramifications of the Garden Journey work. You may choose 1 to 3 sessions to learn this techniques. Bring a pen and notebook to the first session. Please call if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Beneficial Outcomes of the Garden Experience

A space to connect with the spiritual realm
A space for personal empowerment and self perception
A space for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional transformation
A space to allow communication to develop with one's master teachers, guides, angels, ancestral spirits, and animal totems
A space to restore harmony and balance within oneself as well as in the after life
A space to eliminate illness and promote good health
A space to learn the true nature of one's life purpose and life contracts
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