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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a trance which allows a person to access the sub-conscious and conscious mind. The word Hypno, comes from the Greek hupnos, which means sleep. And while a hypnotic trance is not exactly sleeping, it remains a deeply relaxed, dreamlike state.

In the language of hypnosis, a hypnotic trance is referred to as "the hypnogogic state", a twilight between waking and sleeping. In this dreamlike state a person experiences extreme relaxation and as he or she shifts from deep relaxation to waking, he or she may become aware of the two worlds known as the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind comprises 10% of brain function: analyzing, thinking, planning and short-term memory.

The sub-conscious mind comprises 90% of brain function: long-term memory, emotions, feelings, habitual and relationship patterns, addictions, involuntary bodily function, development stages, spiritual connections and intuition.

When hypnotized (placed in a hypnotic trance) by a professional such as myself, access to both the conscious and sub-conscious world becomes possible. From that vantage point, phenomenal change can occur.

How are these changes possible?

Have you ever noticed yourself doing or saying something you know is not in your best interest but you cannot seem to stop? We can credit our instilled beliefs as the primary reason for engaging in activity we are less than proud of. Interestingly enough, most of the time, we are not conscious of these negatively influencing values.

Every day we are bombarded by opinions, truths, beliefs, ideologies and viewpoints. Ever since birth and even while in the womb, we were being influenced by everyone and everything around us. As a result, the messages we received directly and indirectly found their ways into our sub-conscious, forming positive and negative beliefs.

For example, if a person is told from birth that he or she is just like his or her father, the probability that the individual is going to believe that about him or herself is extremely high. Now, let us say that this person's parents occassionally fought and in those arguments, the father was considered the "bad guy", the person who either was the cause of or commenced disagreements. Over time, and whether the individual is aware of it or not, he or she will begin to associate the father's misbehavior and negative personality traits with who he or she is, regardless of the individual's personal disposition.

Hypnotherapy takes you back to your beginning . . . the place where beliefs are formed. From that vantage point, lasting change can occur, in which negative values, principles, and patterns can be discarded, positive doctrines can be reinforced, and a new philosophy for life can be developed.


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