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Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a unique combination of hypnotherapy and intuitive psychotherapy that bridges the present and the past, the practical and the sacred. Many difficulties faced in present life originate from unconscious patterns and experiences. This therapy process gently guides awareness to the sub-conscious mind, allowing for the opportunity to visit and observe past habitual patterns and undertakings that formed barriers to present day success. Once able to identify negative influences, behavioral traits, and unhealthy patterns, the journey toward positive life-path and self-transformation begins.

Some people believe the "past" simply refers to earlier experiences in this present life. However, if a person is open to the idea of reincarnation, the "past" can relate to prior lives, spanning tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years. For those who embrace the concept of past lives, it is important to note that all past life experiences, positive and negative, are stored in the sub-conscious mind, allowing for continual influence on values, decisions, and life-path choices. Past life regression therapy allows for the transport back in time to previous lives in order to confront, acknowledge, and eliminate memories, events, ideas, and beliefs that negatively impact and influence current life experiences and choices.

Psychotherapy supports hypnotherapy by providing essential skills which facilitate and support deep and lasting change. These therapeutic tools help release mental and emotional blocks which inhibit progress on the spiritual path. Access to the wise and compassionate inner-self becomes possible as a deeper understanding of life purpose is acquired.

Individuals may gain a much clearer understanding of people, interests and experiences in their lives today through the utilization of past life regression. Dr. Weiss has written several books regarding "past life regression" that may be helpful in further understanding the process and benefits of Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression sessions last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. It is advisable to wear comfortable loose clothing.


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