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Hypnosis: regression to soul existence between lives
Hypnosis: present and past life regression (resolve patterns from present and previous lives)
Mind-body-spirit connection
Energy work and healing
Guided imagery to heal emotional wounds
Changing core belief structures
Grief, bereavement, and death
Psychotherapeutic counseling
Family relationships and communication issues
Transitional stages and changes
Children, adolescents, and adults
Academic concerns
Peer relationships and communication
Social skills deficits
Discipline and conduct problems
Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem
Adjustment to crisis (death, divorce, illness)
Anger management
Time management
Study skills
Assertiveness training
Stress management and relaxation techniques
Visualization and guided imagery
Power of the spoken word
Meditation techniques
Intuition in decision-making
Dream analysis
Phobias and fears


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