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The best way to commence life-change is to call me. I would be happy to talk with you about your concerns. My phone number is 425.894.3605.

Please do not feel reluctant to call. Just the fact that you are contemplating behavioral change indicates that a part of you is ready to move on with your life in a healthy and positive direction. And, although change is never easy, it is possible and attainable when the combination of hypnotherapy and intuitive psychotherapy is utilized. This unique therapy process allows the sub-conscious and conscious mind to work together to create and facilitate desirable change.

It is important to remember that hypnosis and psychotherapy is a safe and natural healing process. No client will be forced to engage in talk or activity that is contrary to his or her moral or ethical codes.

So, pick up the phone and at least leave me a message. Let us talk person to person. Helping you progress in your life is the work I love. Call anytime: 425.894.3605. There is never an obligation.


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